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Shipping to USA, Singapore, Malaysia in 2021

We launched Aura in August 2020 in Europe. With lot of love and request from customers,  we have been working to expand delivery to more countries over the last year.  We are very happy to share that this Diwali, we are excited to deliver beautiful Indian cultural puzzles to your door steps in USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. 

Discovering Indian culture through Aurva puzzles - Review

It's not in India that I visited my first Hindu temple or seen my first Bharatanatyam performance... But in Singapore, where I was lucky to study for one year. I remember being in awe with the colors, intricate architecture and devout atmosphere of the temples, and how I was moved by the delicateness and the precision of the dancer's movements, even though I couldn't understand their meaning.

Keeping Culture alive in new forms - Review

India has the largest diaspora in the world (18 million people approximately, which amounts to the entire population of the Netherlands for instance, to put the number in perspective) ; and I can only imagine how enjoyable this puzzle would be to do for instance between Indian parents and their kids.

Kolam: Weaving Art with Arithmetic

Millions of women across India draw kolam on their courtyards everyday. For most of them this is “a way of life” and its practised without needing to know the philosophical, scientific and symbolic aspects of these simple art form. Find out these deep underlying meaning behind this simple practice. 

Founding Inspiration

The everyday nostalgia of the South and the longing to make our traditions relevant, led to the birth of Aurva.


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